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This 2013-14 NHL season preview features the Toronto Maple Leafs. Toronto has been waiting for a consistent winner, let alone a championship for a very long time. Last season, they made the playoffs for the first time in eight seasons. Once there, they pushed the Eastern Conference champion Boston Bruins to the brink in round 1, before a historic collapse allowed Boston to pull out a dramatic victory in the final few minutes, rallying from a 4-1 deficit. Although it was arguably the toughest loss in the franchise’s long history, the reality is that this was a young team that no one expected would give the Bruins much of a challenge. Instead we saw a team that never backed down physically and got maximum effort on most nights under new head coach Randy Carlyle, giving fans in Toronto hope for the future for the first time in years. What went right in 2012-13 For all the criticism he’s take over the years, Phil Kessel has developed into the consistent offensive leader and gamebreaker ...

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