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Vincent Lecavalier is the embodiment of that classic question: If you won the lottery today, would you quit your job tomorrow? Vinny’s getting $32.667 million over the next 14 years, on top of the money he’s already earned on his bought-out contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning – including $8 million in signing bonuses. Some people believe that means he should take less for a chance to win in another market. Ultimately, it appears that Lecavalier is looking for a reasonable five years at $5 million annually from his various suitors. So he's not quitting his job. But he's also not looking for $10 million per season. And oh, those suitors. Not since Madonna in the “Material Girl” video have we seen such abject courtship. Here’s the field of teams that have expressed interest, and engaged in talks, with Lecavalier ...

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