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Posted by Yardbarker: Toronto Maple Leafs on May 17, 2013 in Uncategorized with No Comments

A.B. Nothing is more satisfying than watching these Toronto fans suffer the agony of defeat. I have no personal problem with any of these specific Leafs fans (in fact I respect their passion) but after seeing & hearing what the people of Toronto are capable of, I hope they never win the cup again. Example #1: “Toronto Stronger” asshole. Example #2: Marinus Calamari‘s comment on The Awesome Boston Google+ page: “So people are finally getting tired about hearing how Exceptionally Fantastic & Utterly Fabulous Boston is for surviving the smallest terrorist attack of that week. It’s about time for the trolls me thinks.” Again, I know these are isolated idiots but it speaks to the overall lack of class in Toronto. If Canadiens and Yankees fans (actual rivals) can go out of their way to support Boston in a time of tragedy, there is no reason Toronto can’t follow suit. And if the situation was reversed, there is 0.0% chance that Bruins fans would have let a sign like that into the T...

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