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The Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons believes that the Toronto Maple Leafs need to retire Dave Keon's #14 while Maple Leafs legend is still around, but as Simmons notes in his Sunday column, Keon's status as estranged from the Leafs' former and current ownership regimes complicates the situation significantly: The name is missing from the rafters. You look up at the Air Canada Centre and see the greats that have been honoured, from Syl Apps to Mats Sundin, and the absence is obvious. Dave Keon’s name and number aren’t there. Maybe the most complete of all Maple Leafs not there alongside Teeder Kennedy and Tim Horton and Darryl Sittler. The Keon story isn’t new — his feelings for the Harold Ballard era and all that he perceives that happened to him, are hardly secret — but there he was on Saturday night, at the ACC as his teammates from the 1963 Stanley Cup champions were saluted. And the question now is, with Keon at age 72, do you raise his name and number i...

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