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Posted by Yardbarker: Toronto Maple Leafs on October 31, 2013 in Uncategorized with No Comments

Slow start. Outshot silly. Gobs of giveaways. Dumb-arse penalties. And, yikes, drilling the referee in the ear with the puck, which can’t be good. (Spot the cuss words dialogue-bubble floating over Paul Devorski’s bleeding head after Cody Franson rang one up the boards and off his noggin’.) Really, the Maple Leafs have to cut this out. Otherwise, who knows? They might rack up a 10-game winning streak. Despite their own self-inflicted obstacles, some brain cramps, a ridiculous inability to curtail or blunt opposition shooting while ratcheting up their own stick-stats, your Toronto Maple Leafs just keep chugging along in the W column, knocking off the Flames 4-2 Wednesday in what often looked like river hockey — their first victory at the Saddledome since Dec. 27, 2002. James Reimer had asked the rhetorical question the other night, after blanking Edmonton 4-0: “Do you want to be good and lose or bad and win?” Which isn’t to say the Leafs are playing badly in assembling a10-4 East...

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