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Just a few days after the Winter Classic was supposed to take place, images leaked onto the Internet of t-shirts with official Winter Classic logos.  The t-shirts accidentally appeared on, but have since been taken down.The jerseys were never released to the public, but based on the logos and number designs from these “jersey t-shirts,” you can guarantee that these were the logos that the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs were going to use.  What color jerseys each team was going to wear remains a mystery, but it is likely that all of these products and the jerseys will be saved for January 1st, 2014.The NHL already promised that the next Winter Classic would take place at the Big House in Ann Arbor and be between the Wings and Leafs.  I think that both of these logos are very well-designed vintage logos, and it’s a real shame that we didn’t get to see them worn this year.H/T: Icethetics

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