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Phil Kessel made an unselfish play in a 4-1 Leaf win over the Minnesota Wild. Despite agreeing to a huge contract extension recently with the Toronto Maple Leafs,  Phil Kessel showed what a team player he is earlier this week in  a 4-1 over the Minnesota Wild. With the Leafs up 3-1, Kessel made an unselfish play in the third period by letting Mason Raymond’s pass trickle into the empty net, giving Raymond his second goal of the game. Seriously, all Kessel had to do is touch the puck to be awarded the goal, but didn’t. “It was a great move,” said Leaf’s head coach, Randy Carlyle about Kessel’s unselfish play. It was a great move.  It shows that the Leafs are capable of playing as a team. Unfortunately, two nights later, the Leafs squandered a 2-0 lead in the third period and lost to the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2. I can’t describe how disappointed I was with the result.  The winning goal was weird. Apparently, the Leafs thought it was going called icing, but the linesman waved it off.  ...

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